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S homepage! Sunday 21 July 2019

West Ham gives the Nanny


LONDON (Reuters) – West Ham United, England international Mohamed Nenni, has been given a last chance to escape from the Gunners' bench, which has been required for the past season, to exit the accounts of current manager Onai Emery.

All of the doors are closed to Nini, after Emery refused to play in the next season. Cristal Palace refused to offer Arsenal, which included the transfer of the Egyptian Pharaoh in a reciprocal deal with Wilfred Zaha, in addition to a payment of 40 million euros, Which was not accepted by the management of the club because of the need for the services of the Egyptian national team, according to the newspaper "The Sun" British.

Allen is an alternative to Pedro Mba in West Ham

However, West Ham United have opened their doors to join Al-Neni during the summer transfer season. This is the last opportunity for the player to escape from Arsenal and the start of a new phase in the ranks of another club may give him a chance to appear more. West Ham sees That Nini will be the best alternative for Pedro Mba Obiang, who is about to leave the Serie A.

The transfer to the West Ham may cost the club a sum of up to 10 million euros, which may not be accepted by Arsenal, who wants to take advantage of the departure of the player, in order to exploit the transaction money in the incorporation of Zaha from Crystal Palace, However, Arsenal are considering reducing the £ 55,000 salary, because the clubs that have shown interest in me are not prepared to pay that value.

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